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what makes us different


Acupuncture is practised in whole of asia from China to srilanka and india and it gives magical results without the negative side effects of the western allopathic medicine . We provide acupuncture treatment for locomotor disorders to improve the quality of your life . Dr jagpravesh has been practicing acupuncture since 2002 and has treated a lot of patients with this magical method of treatment.

Qualified Specialists

Dr jagpravesh chandra completed his bachelor's in physiotherapy from India's best physiotherapy college of delhi university in 2001 and has been providing quality healthcare services since then .

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy has been refined into a specialised part of physiotherapy in last few years and is the most important part of physiotherapy . This clinic provided the best techniques of manual therapy practised overall the globe and gives long lasting results so that you don't have to come over and over again and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Physio Therapy

We use a combination of traditonal and modern

technique to heal patient.

Supporting spinal health

We believe spinal health play avital role in human organism functioning.Get a free

consultation today to avoid problems with your heath tomorrow.

main services

Dr. Jagpravesh chandra completed Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Delhi University in 2001 and has been associated with the prestigious hospital of Delhi. Like Kailash Hospital,Noida., Shanti mukand hospital, Etc

Our Team

Dr. Jagpravesh chandra

Chief Medical Officer


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Benefits of Healing-Hands services

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